Support from ORCBT during Volunteer work

ORCBT is a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation with local Volunteer Co-ordinator present in every city where we provide volunteer work.

In all cases where foreign volunteers work with ORCBT or any of our partner organisations, we assign a dedicated local volunteer co-ordinator. We normally assign this responsibility to one of our local volunteers who have been working with us for quite some time. Please note that since they too are volunteers and not an employee, please do not expect 100 percent dedication. However, that also mean that they are genuinely interested in the work, can provide independent views and are responsible in nature. Local volunteer co-ordinator will help you in most matters related to your stay and work which includes providing initial orientation, helping you in finding proper accommodation, introduction to people you will work with, meeting with other people and help you build social network and sorting out any potential problem in your work place or social life.

We do not hire dedicated person to do this, since we do not operate like profit-oriented companies and want to use limited money that we have got where that is critically needed (e.g. funding education/social projects). So, we would like you to have very realistic expectations about what services that we can provide. And I would like to mention that with team of highly enthusiastic volunteers, this has been working very fine so far.

Also in case you still feel that some issues remains to be resolved before or during your volunteer work, please write to us and we shall consider involving additional local volunteer to help you and provide you all possible support.