Explore the colourful world

A Wonderful Gift

Rivers do not drink their water themselves;
Trees do not eat their fruit themselves;
Nor, indeed do clouds consume crops themselves;
The good exist for the benefit of others.

– Sanskrit Saying

Get Involved

Volunteer Abroad

Participate in volunteer program and learn about local culture while helping the local community.

Cultural exchange program

Home stays, Cultural orientation, Participation in local events & festivals are some of the highlights.

Explore The World

Diremit mundi mare undae nunc mixtam tanto sibi. Nubes unda concordi. Fert his. Recessit mentes praecipites locum caligine sui egens erat. Silvas caeli regna.

Socialise and learn about local culture

We normally operate in small cities and towns where you will find many people who are quite sociable and have got time for others (unlike in big cities like Delhi where life is very busy for most people).