Exchange Programme Highlights

Some of the highlights of Educational and Cultural Exchange Programmes organised by ORCBT are as mentioned below:

Home Stays

Student/participants stay with a local family during the programme which provides an opportunity to understand family values, be a part of their daily routine and know the way of living in the local area.

Cultural Orientation

ORCBT provides cultural orientation before and during programmes which covers topics like cultural differences, code of conduct and what and what not be expect. It also helps participants understand cultural differences and makes their stay more convenient.

Guidance and Support –

You get guidance and support from ORCBT team, experts, partners and international volunteers before and during your programme.

Participation in local events –

Students get an opportunity to participate in variety of educational and leisure activities including participating in local festivals, cultural events and other events. Our local co-ordinator and volunteers help students/participants to socialise with locals depending in variety of activities depending on their interests.

Visit to Places of Interest –

ORCBT organise tours to popular tourist places, visits to nearby villages and cities, and places of special interest.

All our programmes are organised keeping in mind special purpose, interests and requirements of participating institutions/students. Please contact us to know more or discuss your programme needs.